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Shekhar Trivedi
(BPTh. 2005-2006, MPT 2010-2011) Incharge, Physiotherapy Department
Refferal Hospital. ITB (Indo-Tibetan Border) Police Force, New Delhi

“Ayushman was more than a college for me. I have been taught with utmost patience at this amazing Institution. It is the confidence instilled by my teachers at my “Alma mater”, that I am what I am today. I thank all the members of Ayushman, teachers, seniors, classmates, friend, juniors and all those who were and are a part of Ayushman”.

Priyanka Gupta (BPTh. 2003-2004)Physiotherapist, Gibbsland Physiotherapy Group, Victoria Australia.

The basics that I learned from my teachers in Ayushman College as a BPTh. student has helped me a lot during my Post Graduation studies in New Zealand and subsequently bagging a job in Australia.

Pooja Gangwani
(BPTh. 2004-2005, MPT 2009-2010)Physiotherapist, Ontario, Canada.

“Guidance and motivation during my studies of BPTh. and MPT from Ayushman College has helped me to become a successful Physiotherapist”.

Tojin P. Unni (BPTh. 2002-2003)Physiotherapist, New York, USA.

What I have achieved at present is the invariable encouragement staunch and unprejudiced guidance of my reverential teachers who were always there to guide me at this journey. Whole heartedly I want to thank Ayushman College and my teachers and mentors for giving me a platform where I could Dream to be what I have achieved now!

Priya Tagare (BPTh. 2005-2006)Physiotherapist, Singapore General Hospital, Singapore.

“Although I was an ordinary student initially, I came out of Ayushman College being a bright and eager graduate, ready to take charge of my life and pursue all my dreams with a clear focus. Besides education, the kind of life one experiences in Ayushman Campus teaches a lot about life outside school”.

Danesh D. Chinoy (MPT2008-2009)Associate Professor, Wolatia Sodo University, Ethiopia.

“I am thankful to Almighty that I was a part of the first batch of MPT from this prestigious College and University. I did my homework before enrolling for this programme and was very pleased to see the University name amongst the top five in the country in the field of Health sciences. I am also very thankful to the principal and the staff for having given me the permission to conduct my research for the Thesis at Mumbai in a research center where I could continue my work and fund my education. Really this College is a blessing for all deserving and ambitious students. Wishing ourAlma Mater the very best and lots of success in coming years. God Bless our Profession and our Alma Mater”.

Nupur Goyal (BPTh. 2004-2005)Physiotherapist, Aaditya Birla Memorial Hospital Pune.
Former Physiotherapist, Railway Hospital (SECR) Raipur.

I am immensely thankful to all my respectable teachers and Ayushman College for helping me for building the perfect basic foundation of knowledge during my bachelor’s curriculum, that helped me in bagging good job and making me a legitimate physiotherapist.

Dr. Avinash Jaiswal
(BPTh.2005-06, MPT 2011-12)Senior and Youth Team Physiotherapist, Medical Manager
and Incharge Physiotherapy Department, Dempo Sports Club, GOA

I had a great time at Ayushman College Bhopal. It was very helpful in achieving my career goal and convert my endeavors into real time world. Excellent faculty at college inspired me to give my best. I am very thankful to the faculty that gave me the knowledge and confidence, and has brought a new dimension into my life to achieve a successful career.

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