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From the desk of Director

Dr. Jince Thomas Mathew

Fraternity of Medics has grown in numbers.Not the Para-Medics.This needs to be addressed. There is cause and justification to have formally trained and dedicated Para-Medic,to he plays the crucial role of life-redeemer.The quality of Education & Training imparted a Para-Medics must be equally superior to that of a Medic.

My nascent attributes and passion took me to the field of teaching the budding 'Medic Prospects'.This gave me a glimpse into the psyche of aspirants for Health Care.My conclusions complelled me to continue with my activities of disseminating Education & Training.

The opportunities of receiving Quality Training and Educataion in Para Medical Courses are available at Ayushman College,a fitting forum already.It is my endeavor to produce well groomed,properly trained Para -Medics who will live up to the ethics and high standards expected on my agenda.It is my Aim and Vision that this Institution becomes a Benchmark in future.

I want the future generation to realize that Medic sustenance will come from Para-Medic. Para-Medics are destined to improve upon the Health Parameters of our Country.This is the Vision of Ayushman college.Those willing to take crucial challenges are welcome to take baton.

With the Best of the Wishes,

(Dr. Jince Thomas Mathew)

Admission Open

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